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—alifornia DMV Test 1 ∑

Question 1 In which of the following scenarios should your wheels not be pointed straight ahead?

Question 2 When driving in fog, rain, or snow, use :

Question 3
When you see this sign, you:

Question 4 If a truck or bus is making a right turn where you also need to make a right turn, you should:

Question 5 You should increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead when you:

Question 6 When driving under snowy or icy conditions:

Question 7 A broken yellow centerline means that:

Question 8 Which of these statements is true about changing lanes?

Question 9 When being followed by a tailgater, which of the following will help you avoid being hit from behind?

Question 10 If you approach a traffic light with a red signal and a police officer directs you to go through the intersection without stopping, you should:

Question 11 Which of the following factors affect an individual's absorption of alcohol ?

Question 12
This white sign means:

Question 13
An orange and red triangular sign on a vehicle always means:

Question 14 Fatigue increases the risk of:

Question 15
This sign means :

Question 16 Which of the following blocks the smooth flow of traffic?

Question 17 You want to make a right turn at an upcoming intersection. You should slow down and:

Question 18 When driving in work zones, you should

Question 19 When backing up :

Question 20 You are approaching an intersection at the posted speed limit when the signal turns yellow. You should:

Question 21 A person may legally ride in the back of a pickup truck when:

Question 22 Which of these statements is true about drugs and driving?

Question 23 When you are behind a motorcycle, you should:

Question 24 When driving at night on a dimly lit street, you should:

Question 25
This sign means:

Question 26 You are approaching a green traffic light and traffic is blocking the intersection. What is the best thing to do?

Question 27 When being passed by another vehicle:

Question 28 There are two traffic lanes moving in your direction. You are driving in the left lane and many vehicles are passing you on the right. If the driver behind you wishes to drive faster, you should:

Question 29
This sign means :

Question 30 Yellow lines separate:

Question 31
From top to bottom, the following is the proper order for traffic lights:

Question 32
This sign means :

Question 33 The driver ahead of you stops at a crosswalk. What should you do?

Question 34 If you are about to be hit from the rear, you should not:

Question 35 Drivers must use their seat belt:

Question 36 If you park facing uphill on a street with a curb, set the parking brake and: